Trace's Story

Happy Belly, Happy Baby

I am so grateful that in His great wisdom and foresight, God had already set me on a path of better living years before Trace’s conception. His very life was spared in the womb from a threatened miscarriage by God’s mercy and protection, and because I already had Young Living resources at hand in my home that literally saved his life. I was learning about better nutrition, so that I could keep myself and my babies healthy during four back-to-back pregnancies. And I was already confident in the knowledge and safe use of essential oils. Branching out into another of Young Living’s trademark product lines was simply the next step.

As I began to learn more about Trace’s individual struggles with absorbing nutrients, I knew that I needed the best supplements available so that his body would be able to use and absorb what was given. So I began to incorporate Young Living’s supplements into his daily routine one at a time. Even as a baby, I trusted Young Living’s supplements to be safe for him and adjusted dosages to be more appropriate for his age. With each one, I began to see drastic improvements in his overall health and demeanor, and also in his development.

One miserable boy

I began by targeting improved digestion and gut health. Trace has several food intolerances and sensitivities that indicate a severe lack of enzymes in his gut. He is gluten and lactose intolerant, and for a long time could not tolerate eggs. He is sensitive to other foods as well, such as tomatoes, bananas, beans, certain citrus fruits, and preservatives such as citric acid. Before I learned about the connection between GERD and gluten intolerance, he threw up 50 to 100 times a day, every day, from infancy to 19 months old. We tried everything, saw all the doctors, took all the medications, tried all the formulas, and nothing alleviated the issue until we eliminated the gluten. The horrific diapers and screaming belly aches went away with the elimination of dairy from his diet.

The earliest supplement I started him on, at less than a year old, was Sulfurzyme. This was long before I discovered the true cause of his constant vomiting and reflux, but he was one sick baby. I desperately needed to give my baby some relief from the intense burning in his belly. His reflux, triggered by gluten, was completely resistant to medication despite months of various prescription drugs. I would empty a bit of Sulfurzyme from a capsule into his bottle and he would eventually become comfortable enough to sleep for a short time. This has continued to be a great supplement for him even beyond the discovery of food allergies and the cessation of reflux.

I also started him on MightyZymes chewable enzyme tablets. Even before he was able to chew, I ground them up and mixed them into his puréed food. Enzymes are incredibly important for digesting foods and utilizing the nutrients therein, as well as helping the gut and the brain to function well.

During this time, I also used essential oils on him, diluted for his sensitive baby skin. DiGize, Peppermint, and Fennel essential oils were common in our rotation.

In my prayer time one day, the Lord set me on a path toward researching food allergies. Alarmed at the connections I was making in my research, I jumped in with both feet on overhauling his entire diet. There is a backstory here that I struggled with chronic low milk supply and all my babies have thrived on donated breastmilk. At the time that I discovered the gluten and dairy triggers, donor breastmilk was almost his sole nutrition, because he couldn’t hold anything down. Everything came back up almost immediately. As soon as I suspected those triggers, I completely ceased the breastmilk because I could not find a gluten/dairy free donor. He was 19 months old, well beyond the age that most children are able to eat solid foods, so I immediately made up a batch of mixed vegetables with a little bit of chicken and puréed it all to almost a liquid consistency, and just gave him almond milk to drink for about two or three days, just to see what would happen. I added about 1/8 tsp of Sulfurzyme and MightyZymes to each meal.

Lo and behold, he suddenly started keeping all of his food down. It was uphill from there! Within two days his eyes started to brighten, and we started to see a happy little boy emerge from this body that had been just so riddled with pain. He gained a healthy appetite and started to eat regular meals with us (of course, puréed to a manageable texture and consistency for his then lack of developed oral motor skills). He finally began gaining weight and at almost three years old he has tipped the scales at 30lbs (he weighed only 17 lbs at his one-year check up). Occasionally, an irritating food slips back into his system due to an overly generous baby sister, and those two supplements (Sulfurzyme and MightyZymes) are still invaluable for helping us to move through the hard days of working through those reactions.

With his dietary improvements, an established supplement regimen, and a huge amount of prayer, my little guy’s life suddenly began to change for the better. The two pictures with this post were taken just a month apart from one another, with some giant food changes in between. He looks like a different kid!


(***These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, and should not replace the advice of your medical professional and health care providers. Please remember that YOU are in charge of your own life and wellness decisions! If you would like to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils or supplements, or for a personal wellness consultation to explore the supplements that could be useful in your own family’s life, please contact and follow me on Facebook at “Oily and Wise – Young Living with Lorna Miller, Independent Distributor.”)

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