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The Ongoing Journey

Young Living’s line of essential-oil infused nutritional supplements often get overlooked by people who are only interested in the oils, or who are already taking another brand of supplements that they feel are “the best ever.” But for my family, these products have changed my son’s life for the better because of how easily they are absorbed into the bloodstream (thanks to those essential oils!).

In recent months, I have also incorporated the new AminoWise supplement into Trace’s routine on therapy days. This supplement was designed with athletes in mind as a post-workout recovery drink, to help reduce buildup of lactic acid. I was so excited when this supplement came out last summer! I ordered it the very day it became available to members after Young Living convention last year. It has truly made a difference in his activity level in the afternoons on his therapy days, as he recovers better and his legs are not uncomfortable after all that walking practice. It is a powder that mixes up into a juice, and that is his drink after physical therapy on our ride home. He definitely thinks it tastes pretty good, because he can’t wait to get his hands on his cup when he is finished.

There are various other supplements that we use on an as-needed basis. Alkalime is one of my go-to products to settle his tummy and keep things moving in the right direction. He still takes at least two to three MightyZymes tablets a day, along with Sulfurzyme. The next supplements I intend to start him on are Mineral Essence (a trace minerals supplement) and Life 9 probiotic.

We use multiple essential oils on a daily basis, especially when we are ready to wind down for the night. Cedarwood and KidScents SleepyIze are big ones for him. RutaVala and Valerian are new to our oil collection but we are beginning to reap those benefits as well. TummyGize and/or DiGize are also on hand at all times and used along with Alkalime. He loves the smell of Peace & Calming, and I tend to diffuse that one for him quite a bit. Tremors are a common occurence with his disorder, so I also apply Vetiver essential oil to his ears and forehead whenever we need to bring his fine motor skills into better focus. The change is instant, and visible (and results in a much cleaner kitchen floor when he is able to get the food into his mouth instead of dropping it all!). It is amazing to watch!

I am so grateful for the blessing of Young Living in my family’s life, because I have been able to give my sweet boy the targeted nutrition he so deserves, with full confidence in the safety of ingredients and the science behind the products. I know that every dollar spent and every dose given means a better life for my boy. There is an undeniable connection between his improved nutrition and supplements, and all those “inchstones” that have amounted to major progress. It is my passion to be able to share these products with other families who need this support, in hopes that together we can better the lives of families and children with STXBP1 and other genetic disorders.

***These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, and should not replace the advice of your medical professional and health care providers. Please remember that YOU are in charge of your own life and wellness decisions! If you would like to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils or supplements, or for a personal wellness consultation to explore the supplements that could be useful in your own family’s life, please contact and follow me on Facebook at “Oily and Wise – Young Living with Lorna Miller, Independent Distributor.”)

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