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Trace’s Journey with Ningxia Red and Mindwise

What a blessing it is to discover that there IS something you can do to help your child thrive. It took all of two weeks, even after receiving Trace’s diagnosis at two years old, to realize that I was the expert in the room at our meeting to discuss his genetic testing results. His geneticist and genetic counselor gave me far less information than what I had already learned in my own reading, and they had no clue what this disorder looks like or how to treat it. The only thing they had to offer was medications to control seizures as needed, and at this point he had had none for two years. As for his delays and reduced neurological function, we had always been told was “nothing else we can do”. Well, that “nothing” wasn’t good enough for this Momma bear. Because I was the one living with him, I had already become his wellness advocate and the expert on all things Trace. I learned everything I could and I was even more determined to customize his nutrition and tailor it to his needs.

Once I got the reflux under control with his diet and he was able to keep food down, I was able to branch out and try other supplements. The next additions to his regimen were Ningxia Red and Mindwise. Both of these liquids are dark red and they do leave some impressive stains in clothing, so they were wildly out of the question while he was still throwing up all the time! But it turned out that these two supplements were the most life changing of anything I have ever given him.

Ningxia Red is a whole-food based, liquid supplement that provides full body nutrition from the cellular level. It is the most anti-oxidant rich drink available, bringing oxygen to the cells and enabling the cells and muscles to breathe and function effectively. It is infused with essential oils to aid and increase absorption. It is the perfect supplement for any person needing full-scale nutrition overhaul. I began giving him a dropper full of Ningxia Red at each meal. This amounted to a little less than an ounce over the course of the day. I began to see his stamina and energy improve as his body was better able to utilize and absorb the nutrients he was receiving. He began to tolerate his physical therapy sessions much better as his hypotonic muscles showed their appreciation for the added support. He even began riding horses once a week during his physical therapy sessions and has built up his core muscles and stamina so well that today he can bear weight on his feet (supported) for nearly thirty minutes and is working hard to learn how to walk.

The next week, a friend recommended MindWise. It is a supplement that supports brain health and cognitive fitness. It contains healthy fats and vital nutrients to support brain function. To this point, Trace was still mostly non-verbal. He could barely babble, made very limited sounds, could not imitate any sounds that were demonstrated to him, and had no concept of intentional communication or ability to express language. She told me a story of her friend’s child, who had seen awesome changes in his speech language skills. We know that little boys often learn to talk later than girls, and that their brains need more fats, so this made total sense to me. 

Without question, I placed an order right in the middle of our conversation, and this supplement is what completely revolutionized his development. Within a week, he began making babbling sounds. It was the same sound over and over, but it was sound, nothing had ever sounded more beautiful…until he learned to say “Mama” a few weeks later! We actually still did not have Trace’s diagnosis at that point, because we were still waiting for genetic testing results. I have since learned that the majority children with his disorder are commonly non-verbal their entire lives. However, Trace has developed some consistent patterns of communication that his daddy and I, and even his sisters and therapists are able to understand. He love food, and the very first word he learned to sign was “Eat!” Of course that boy knows how to tell us he wants a snack! 

The benefits of MindWise have gone far beyond speech and sounds. Language was only the beginning of the changes we would see. Please understand that he had been working with a highly skilled team of fantastic pediatric therapists in various disciplines since his first birthday. He tolerated therapy, but suddenly, his physical therapy sessions became much more effective as his brain began to put two and two together. He learned to initiate movement and we saw him practicing his new therapy skills at home – finally mastering the transition from laying down to sitting up (instead of being placed and supported into an independent sitting position) and trying to get into quadruped (on all fours). My once stationary child became VERY mobile and very capable of traveling around the house, and watching him explore his home on his own terms for the first time had me in tears of happiness. Three weeks after starting MindWise, he figured out what his physical therapist had been trying to show him: how to push through his legs to go from being seated on a bench to standing up. Oh, he was so proud of himself that he CLAPPED!!

We started to see huge leaps in progress in occupational therapy as well. In addition to clapping, he learned how to use both hands together, how to hold an object in each hand at the same time, how to hold his cup with both hands to drink, and mastered a pincer grasp to feed himself with finger foods. He began to understand that balls and wheels and dump trucks roll, that it is fun to turn pages of books, and that doors are fascinating things to open and close – and that often have fascinating people or objects inside them! In feeding therapy (a component of speech therapy) his oral motor skills started to become more organized and he learned to chew better so that we could progress from purées to chunky “soups” and then on to actually chewing tiny bites of food. He even drinks his Ningxia Red/Mindwise cocktail through a straw!

I simply cannot rave enough about Mindwise. It has fully revolutionized his life. It is obvious that today, he understands everything that is said to him. He follows verbal commands very well, such as “Come here; Sit up; Lay down; Close the door.” He is learning to feed himself with a spoon. He is highly observant. He loves people watching and enjoys playing around kids his own age. He loves a funny face or a round of patty-cake and has the best laugh. Oh, and he loves to have his picture taken and actually says “eeeeee! (Cheese!)” for the camera. He knows he’s cute!!

Since then, Ningxia Red and Mindwise have been his primary, daily supplements. His “smart juice” is an unwavering part of his daily regimen. I should mention that they are staples in MY daily regimen as well. How else am I supposed to keep up with four active kids (baby not pictured!), six years and younger?! When I drink my Ningxia in the morning, I feel like I’ve just put on my SuperMom cape!

(***These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, and should not replace the advice of your medical professional and health care providers. Please remember that YOU are in charge of your own life and wellness decisions! If you would like to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils or supplements, or for a personal wellness consultation to explore the supplements that could be useful in your own family’s life, please contact and follow me on Facebook at “Oily and Wise – Young Living with Lorna Miller, Independent Distributor.”)

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