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Can’t stop, Won’t Stop!

Do something you love so much you’d do it for free, and then find a way to make a living out of it.

I never knew what that meant until the last six months. Sure, I’ve loved Young Living for a long time. I’ve even promoted them, and built my organization twice to Executive.

But a couple of weeks ago, in a moment of frustration (which every entrepreneur experiences on the regular, by the way…because this gig is hard some days!), I found myself telling my accountability group, “There is no reason why I wouldn’t do this job.”

Did you hear that?

There is NO. REASON. why I would ever stop doing what I do. There is absolutely no reason I would walk away from it – you couldn’t PAY me to walk away from it.  Yes, our oils are life changing – as cliche as that may sound. But more than that, it’s the conversations; it’s the people I meet, the education I gain, the classes I teach. It’s the Facebook lives, the hot roads and miles on the car from delivering samples and caring for friends, the weekend training events, the vendor booths; the glimmer of hope in a new member’s eyes the first time they grasp the magnitude of the possibilities contained within the starter kit box in their hands.

The HOPE. That’s what it is. I have the elite privilege of offering HOPE to people who have lost theirs – I am blessed to pray with them, to bring their situation to Jesus, to say here, look what He has created and provided us to use! What a good God we serve!

There is no reason why I would EVER quit.

Not the slow days. Not the months when I miss my goal. Not the months when I miss my rank. Not when a member goes inactive because they moved onto something else. Not the disapproval of family members. Not the realization that network marketing, just like any other business worth fighting for, requires actual REAL work to become successful. Not the sighs or rolled-eyes of those who oppose or don’t believe – I know they only haven’t experienced what that hope feels like. I know they just haven’t come to a place of realizing that there is more to life than a constant circuit of troubleshooting the same issues in the same way and coming up empty-handed and back at square one.

I love what I do. This IS my full-time job. This IS my career. This IS what I have devoted my life to learning and teaching. There is no reason I would change it – not for anything in the world.

Everyone should be so lucky to “love” their career as much as I love mine. Or at least to be served hope by someone so passionate.

My name is Lorna. I am Young Living. I am in for life.


If you need a crazy oil lady to show you how to get a life upgrade – I’m your girl. Find me on Facebook or Instagram at Oily and Wise.

If you are a health conscious leader looking for a career change that challenges you to live in wellness and to help others do the same, message me on Facebook or Instagram and say “I’M READY!!” You don’t need experience (but it helps!). I will train you and help you to find the resources to ensure your success in your business. Joining the Oily and Wise team comes with fantastic upline support, product education, training, and accountability. You bring the passion and work ethic, and we’ll do the rest together.

This might be the change you’ve been praying for – help YOUR family live in their best health, and share that passion with others.

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