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“I’ll handle it”

{August 19, 2018}

You know that feeling where you leave a conversation with an uneasy feeling?

The kind that leaves a hitch in your chest, heart pounding, tears threatening, and difficulty focusing on the next thing because you’re totally hung up on the things that were not actually said?

The kind where she said absolutely nothing that was mean or ugly, but still you leave actually feeling fearful of the person you just spoke with, for no actual reason but just BECAUSE.

The one where you spend the next 30 minutes or an hour with your racing thoughts, finally thinking “I’m just gonna call her up or text her a novel and we’re gonna fix this once and for all!”

And then you recognize the demon. And square your shoulders and you call him out (in the middle of Walmart, no less) and tell him to scram in Jesus’ name, and he does, because he can’t stay in His presence.

And then you run like a little girl and tattle on him to your Savior, saying “This anxiety guy is trying to get me again! All I wanna do is FIX. THIS.”

And He whispers “I’ll handle it.”

And you go. “Wait. What? How? I wanna know what you’re gonna do about this.”

“I’ll handle it.”

“But God? What if you don’t do it right? What if it doesn’t go the way I want it to? Or when I want it to?

“I said, I’ll handle it.”

“Well…okay, but…can you make sure and say ‘THISTHATANDTHEOTHER’ and MAKE SURE she knows XYZ?!”

“No. I said I’ll handle it, because if you go and do all that, you’ll just make a mess.

I’ll handle it, because I am the Fixer. The Mender of all the broken things. The Peacemaker, the Healer, and your Defender. I AM your Peace. You keep your eyes on me, not her. I’ll handle it.”

And what He really means by that is, He’ll handle your heart with such care and tenderness and smooth peace over you the way you run your hand over a soft, minky baby blanket.

Let Him, girls.

Let. Him.

Blow it out on your very next breath and say “I trust You with this.” Hand it over. Let Him take it. Walk away.

Trust that when your Daddy says, “I’ll handle it,” that it’s as good as done. His peace comes immediately.

The rest of it? That actual thing that frustrates you so much…those words that maybe actually WERE said…and you just wanna FIX IT?! Well, that may not happen quite in your time line, but He keeps His promises. I’ve seen Him do it time and again. It always works out so much better His way and in His timing.

Let Him handle it. You have too much living to do to let the enemy steal your joy that way. Remind yourself that you are made in His image and you cannot be destroyed or taken down that easily.

You just keep on in worship and let Him fight your battle.

He is so faithful.

He is your Defender. It’s so much better His way.

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