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It’s More than a J-O-B.

I often tell people I have the best job in the world, but it’s so much more than a job. I own my business, and self-employment does take a fair amount of work. I’m sorry to say that there is no such thing as a product that “sells itself.” Network marketing is not for the lazy and that network does not actually build itself. But once you find your groove and your niche with a company you truly love and believe in – you’ve got it made.

So why don’t I just go out and get a “real job?” Because I have one – except mine is way better than your average 9 to 5!

At a job, you work to promote somebody else’s agenda and you get paid a pittance of their revenue, with an occasional raise. With Young Living, their mission aligns with my passion – to live in wellness, purpose, and abundance, and that makes it easy to get up and work hard every day.  (They really mean that “abundance” thing – they pay me well and it keeps getting better!)

But my job is so much more than a job.  IMG_4549

A job is just a paycheck. Young Living is about changing lives.

A job is a chore, and most people don’t want to go. Young Living is sheer joy. I wake up excited to see what the day holds!

At a job, your tasks are assigned. If you want a different assignment, you apply for another job or a department transfer. In Young Living, I choose my tasks for the day and they fit my strengths.

At a job, you work the way they tell you to work. In Young Living, I work the way I want to work.

To go to a job, you leave your family behind. In my career, I’m able to stay home with my babies because I choose to.

In most jobs, your salary or hourly pay is based on how long you have been with the company. In Young Living, my earning potential is unlimited.

When you go to work, you clock in and out at your scheduled times. When I go to work, I can do a little bit here and there, during nap time, in the evenings when I have my husband’s support with kids, and really anytime it works in my family’s day to day life. I love the time freedom to go on an all-day field trip with my kids on a Monday.

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you are responsible for all the things that keep that business running – from the building and its inventory, to employees and payroll, shipping, and even the janitor service.  In Young Living, all that is taken care of for me. I literally get paid to promote products I love.

Basically, I have the best scenario for my family and my personality; an incredible set up for success. It’s not just a hobby or a cute little side-gig. It’s my full-time career and I’m here to help you, not only with your oil needs, but to help you succeed in business as well.

So what exactly do I do? I teach moms how to give themselves a life upgrade and help their families live in wellness!

If you are a health conscious leader looking for a career change that challenges you to live in wellness and to help others do the same, message me on Facebook or Instagram and say “I’M READY!!” You don’t need experience (but it helps!). I will train you and help you to find the resources to ensure your success in your business. Joining the Oily and Wise team comes with fantastic upline support, product education, training, and accountability. You bring the passion and work ethic, and we’ll do the rest together.

This might be the change you’ve been praying for – help YOUR family live in their best health, and share that passion with others.

Grab your business builder or preferred customer Premium Starter Kit here:

If you’re just even the slightest bit curious about Young Living’s earning potential, here’s our very impressive Income Disclosure Statement for 2017.





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