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Oily and Wise – at your service!

My name is Lorna Miller, and I am a full-time Young Living Essential Oils independent distributor, and the owner of Oily and Wise.

I’m a little crazy about Young Living Essential Oils. Crazy enough that my excitement over a few bottles of therapeutic oils became my personal brand and my full-time career. It’s not my “job,” because it’s so much more than that. It’s my career, my life path, my calling.Oily and Wise Big logo

Young Living is my career. I certainly didn’t come looking for it – it found me! I looked at my commission check laying next to my oil shelf one day and discovered it had already chosen me, and that I was made for this. That day, I filled out a direct deposit form  and I made up my mind: This is my life’s work.

Owning a business was the last thing I expected to do with my life, but it has surprised me in so many ways: from personal growth, to filling my home with amazing nutritional supplements, to ridding my home of harsh chemicals, to equipping my mommy toolbox with endless ways to help my children through challenges – physically, mentally, and emotionally. My commission check has paid for kids to dance, provided a little fun money on the weekends, made student loan and car payments, bought groceries, put gas in the car, finished up the Christmas shopping, and helped to fund a Disney World vacation.

I’m not a salesperson – because I am not a person who sells things and disappears into the night.

I am a teacher. I lead by example and teach my friends how to achieve wellness in their lives and homes. I am committed to supporting every person in my organization whether just sharing an oil, answering a question, or diving in with them to explore their wellness goals and working on those over several months.

I provide mentoring and upline support to my members that only a small percentage do – with people all over this area asking for help on a near daily basis. The testimonies are amazing and the truth is that I absolutely LIVE for those messages!

I choose to spend hours a week learning our products, studying body systems, passing on that knowledge, and helping my clients learn to upgrade their lives to experience wellness. It’s the most fulfilling purpose I could ever ask for, outside of being a mom.

Yes, this is my life’s work, and I love every moment of it.  profile

If you need a crazy oil lady to show you how to get a life upgrade – I’m your girl. Find me on Facebook or Instagram at Oily and Wise.



Ready to jump in?
Visit to grab your Premium Starter Kit from Young Living and join the Oily and Wise team.


Take a look at Young Living’s very impressive Income Disclosure Statement for 2017!

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