Widsom and Musings

Grace is Enough

My life has been through so many tumultuous seasons in the last few years. Haven’t we all? I am just so grateful that I am finally learning what this phrase means. Learning what it means to find peace in the middle of a battle. Learning that it is so easy for me to find God’s presence in my situation these days. His Presence is an open door because I have finally cultivated a habit of staying close to Him. For YEARS, I went to church and never understood or took seriously the reasons why I needed to worship and fast and pray and seek Jesus during the week, on my own time.

It’s because without Jesus, I would still be a broken, devastated, anxious mess of a woman.

But His grace…

His constant lavishing of blessings I don’t deserve;

His constant forgiveness for getting myself into messes where I didn’t belong in the first place;

His continual reminders that His grace is sufficient for me and that His power is made perfect in my weakness;

His redeeming love that draws me back in over and over when I mess up as a wife, as a parent, as a friend…

Do I have daily struggles and constantly have to fight back against anxiety and doubts? YES. But do I stay there? NO.

By His grace, I am thriving and happy; confident that nothing can separate me from His love, that He fights for me, and that I CAN have joy and peace when I force myself to be still enough to find it.

…in every season, your grace has been enough. And I’m believing the best is yet to come! Your Presence is an open door/I want you Lord, like never before…
🎶 (Won’t Stop Now/ Elevation Worship)IMG_9512.jpg

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