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ESSENTIAL REWARDS: How to obsessively collect Young Living products on a common sense budget

What’s on my mind, Facebook? Oh you know…just customizing my wellness subscription box for the month. 

ER order template
Fill your Essential Rewards cart with all the things…


I get to choose EXACTLY what I want or need in my box each month to fit my month’s budget and my family’s needs. Everything. My oils and my laundry soap, my thyroid supplement, antioxidant power for my whole family, my skincare, my makeup, my kids’ digestive enzymes and vitamins, and my clean sunscreen and hand soap.

AND look at ALL THOSE FREE GIFTS!! I get free gifts EVERY MONTH and they are always full size, popular products – not sample sizes and not just warehouse overstock.

ER order template 2
…and get all the FREEBIES!!


How can I afford this, you ask? By simply transferring the household and personal care portions of my budget from department stores into my own store. It also helps that so many of Young Living’s products are ultra concentrated and stretch so far.

I order all of this at a 24% discount that is available to all Young Living members, AND addition to this, I receive 25% back on my purchases. As in, they give me points that I can save up and spend dollar for dollar on hundreds of YL products. $50 order? 12.5 points. $100 order? 25 points. $300 order? 75 points. You choose.

And, you gotta love free shipping and doorstep delivery.

It’s not a sales pitch, it’s not a gimmick with a catch…Essential Rewards is pure common sense!!

I really have yet to find a more attractive subscription service, anywhere.

Here’s to 6 years and 8 months of all this goodness arriving at my front door! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

essential rewards 4

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