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JUST START: You do you!

There will always be skeptics in your world. What if we stopped putting off what’s best for US, while we are waiting for our parents, spouses, best friends, siblings, and in-laws to get excited or approve of the venture? I’ll tell you right now…if I’d waited for one single family member to take interest in or agree with me about essential oils, I’d still be waiting. And I’d still be miserable and sick. IMG_0954

I didn’t wait. I forged ahead, I blazed my own trail, I educated myself and learned things and I didn’t wait for anyone to come on board with me. I just jumped, and I’ve never regretted it for one minute of my life since. And I’m sure glad I DIDN’T wait, because look at all the fun trips and events, and the amazing, like-minded friendships I would have missed out on!

Even with as much success as I’ve enjoyed, both in achieving my wellness goals and in my career, and with 80 families represented in my organization, I’m STILL waiting for invitation and opportunities to bless my family with the gift of essential oils and wellness.  I was a full five years into this thing before my husband started asking questions and allowing me to share my knowledge and my oils with him.

But it’s okay. I don’t allow myself to be held back. I’m sure of my course and I am responsible for my actions and decisions in my own life.

Why are you waiting for everyone else?

YOU be the leader.

YOU jump in and go on ahead. IMG_0956

YOU set the example for the rest, by demonstrating that health, healing, and wellness are completely within reach.

Someday, there’s going to be someone in your life who needs you to help them through a sticky situation, with experience and confidence.

If you need someone to walk with you on your oil journey, I will be that person. 

Here’s where you start. Here’s where you jump in.  You join with the Premium Starter Kit that best fits your goals, and then you ask me all the questions. You get welcomed with open arms into your new oily family on Facebook and find the support of a family you never knew you had, who are all SO excited to help you find your footing.

You’re not alone in this.

You do You. 

Don’t wait for people to agree with you as permission to jump in. Just do it.

YOU be the leader, and the ones who are meant to follow you, will follow.

Are you ready?  Purchase your Premium Starter Kit right here.

1 thought on “JUST START: You do you!”

  1. I friended you and I hope you accept. I have been in YL since 2014, have been to all the conventions but the last two due to accidents. I would love to follow you and keep up with your page to see what is going on daily at convention.
    Thank you,
    Janice Womack


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