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Lavender Farm Tour


Once upon a time, this girl right here said no to essential oils.


Because I was allergic to lavender.

And I was. Sort of. I was very reactive to synthetic lavender fragrance, and it caused miserably itchy hives and respiratory distress. I couldn’t even handle the lavender earl grey tea latte that we used to make at the coffee shop I worked for. Fits, every time.

Shortly after I gave birth to my first baby, my midwife was newly into essential oils at that point and always smelled wonderful.  I liked them, however, I asked her to please not wear lavender oil into my house. I was so sure I would break out in a rash. One day she was through town and needed to stop by unplanned, but met me at the door because she was wearing her lavender oil and was respectful of my fear. However, when that lady comes round, you don’t hesitate to jump in for a good big hug (especially when IMG_1750you’re preggo and emotional), and while I noticed the aroma, I also noticed that I did not react to it.  Hmmm…

The following week she came back for a postpartum appointment and I shared with her that I’d been pleasantly surprised at the total lack of reaction to her lavender. She shared the Seed to Seal guarantee with me – which reassured me that there was absolutely nothing artificial in this lavender, nothing synthetic for my sensitive skin to be unhappy about, and she also taught me that when a Young Living essential oil is being distilled from the plant matter, the weight of the proteins that may be responsible for an allergic reaction are actually left behind in the discarded plant material. That means that a person can even be allergic to the plant itself, but still able to use the essential oil.

IMG_1772I allowed her to put some on the sole of my foot, just to see what would happen. Nothing. She left me the bottle to try again the next day. Same story.  The day after that, I put a couple of drops in a bath and was able to relax and enjoy some bonding time with my baby. Again, no reaction. And several days later, when baby girl’s bottom became red and angry about a food trigger, a drop of lavender completely changed the appearance of her skin by the next diaper change. I was hooked. And I may or may not have refused to give her the lavender bottle back.


Friday afternoon, it was such a treat to stand in the distillery at the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah, and smell the amazing aroma of lavender oil being distilled. I found the holy grail of lavender aroma in one corner and just stood there as it seemed to surround me. While in the distillery, I learned that plant itself is even tested several times after it is cut, to gauge just the right amount of compounds in the dying plant before it is distilled, because the oil compounds are produced as the plant attempts to bring itself to homeostasis before it dies completely. It goes crazy trying to save itself and there comes a point when those self-saving compounds peak. If distilled too early, you don’t get all of those healing compounds into the oil.


From there, I went out in to the lavender field in full bloom and crouched to bury my face in the flowers.  Those plants smelled EXACTLY like the oil in the bottle I held in my hand that I’d brought with me from home.  My personal bottle of lavender CAME from that farm, tested numerous times and with various tests, shipped to my home, and came full circle back there in my pocket. No sweetening of the oil, no adding fragrance to make it more palatable (I mean, it’s already lovely!). Just 100% pure, therapeutic grade lavender essential oil.

I sat several minutes enjoying those lavender plants, and then I walked away, without a sniffle or a care. Not bad for a girl who thought she was allergic to lavender. My first oil, and to this day, one of my very favorites.


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