HOPE Landing, Inc., STXBP1, Therapy, Trace's Story


TRACE JOURNEY- COVERI had to stop and gather my thoughts about all the emotions I felt when I looked at this picture.

Three years ago, I drove down this driveway to Hope Landing for the first time, and knew instantly that we were home. I carried my heart into that clinic: an 11-month-old baby boy who was struggling so much and could not even roll over both directions. Inside, I handed him over to a phenomenal staff of therapists who work with dozens and dozens of children per week, helping every one of them to achieve their God-given potential and smash their goals, and yet they still love this boy like their own. They are not only friends, but family with huge hearts!!!

I didn’t fully know how this would happen, but his therapists and I never lost hope that it would. He didn’t want to stop walking today and wandered all over this front area before we went to the car. 

To me, everything about this photo is the definition of what HOPE Landing, Inc. is and does. This is where the miracles happen, and that winding road leads our amazing kids out into the big world that is opening up a little more for them with each skill that is mastered. I’m so, so thankful for this resource in our community and for the blessing of our therapy family! 

I can’t wait to see where that road takes my little boy!!

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