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OILY ECONOMICS (pt 4): Essential Rewards Economics

How to obsessively build your Young Living product collection on a modest budget

Essential Rewards trumps every subscribe and save or credit card cash back program by a long shot. Here’s the comparison on those numbers 

EASY MATH: How much are you really getting back? 

On your credit card you get “cash back” on what you’ve already spent. It goes back on your card statement. As a wholesale member, you just don’t even have to spend it. 

5% of $10 = $0.50.   24% of $10 = $2.40 0FF
5% of $50 = $2.50. 24% of $50 = $12.00 0FF
5% of $100 = $5.00   24% of $100 = $24 0FF

BUT on Essential Rewards, the savings don’t stop there! After you have purchased your $50 item for $38 instead of full price, THEN you get your “cash back” on your purchase in the form of 10, 20, or 25% (based on the length of your enrollment)  in rewards points.  Still more than you just got back from Target. 

Personal example: I’ve been on Essential Rewards for over 24 months, so I earn 25%, and on average, I am awarded 75-80 points with each Essential Rewards order.  Those points spend DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR on hundreds of full-size products, so it’s like having a Young Living store-credit gift card in my pocket at all times! I save my points to splurge on my Savvy Minerals makeup, a product that I’ve been wanting to try, or to use in an “emergency” when I run out of an oil or supplement that I need to replace in between ER orders.


On Essential Rewards, you also receive a loyalty gift at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months…EVERY YEAR! (WHOOP…WHO DOES THAT?!)

AND, for less than an Amazon Prime membership, you can also subscribe to the optional but FABULOUS YL Go program, which is a one-time annual shipping subscription covering 12 Essential Rewards shipments for 12 months from the time of starting YL Go. You can choose a free shipping credit for FAST 2-4 day shipping, or upgrade to an overnight shipping credit for a crazy bargain and have your order on your doorstep the very next day. (Have you checked overnight shipping prices recently?! That’s INSANE!)

Obviously, becoming an Essential Rewards member has tremendous advantages not only to other subscription services, but even over placing Quick Orders. Sure, you could even do that every month if you wanted to, and you are more than welcome to do so, but you’d be leaving money and freebies on the table! Being an Essential Rewards member ensures that you get to enjoy all those extra freebies and rewards points for those free shopping sprees that we all love so much. Just ask any Young Living member who’s ever needed a little retail therapy the day after returning home to reality after the International Grand Convention. 😉 

By the way, there’s no waiting period to sign up for Essential Oils! New members can get started right away and can choose to jump into Essential Rewards right out of the gate, by selecting the Essential Rewards box in step 2 of the enrollment process. Your Starter Kit qualifies as your first Essential Rewards order and automatically gives you a free gift with purchase

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