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OILY ECONOMICS (pt. 5) – Product Economy


You may look at those small bottles of essential oils in your starter kit and wonder how in the world they will ever last more than a week. You may wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into, where to even start, or in your concern for “running out” or “doing it wrong,” simply put the box on a shelf and never open it again. 

First of all – the best way to get your dollar’s worth out of your oils is to USE THEM!!!  You will only see those positive changes you’re after, if you USE THE OILS!!! Mary Young says the only oils that don’t work are the ones that are never opened.

Second – Young Living Essential Oils are very, very potent. A single serving is only one to two drops. You can help even a single drop spread further and over a larger area by diluting it in a carrier oil. Most likely the only time you will ever use more than two drops is in your diffuser. I like to combine multiple oils in my diffuser to create blends – and you can find those recipes and ideas all over Pinterest and Instagram. I add two to three drops of each oil to my Desert Mist diffuser (that comes in your starter kit!) and run it on the intermittent setting for up to 10 hours.

As you build your collection of Young Living products and become more familiar with each one, you’ll find so many product hacks and uses for each one, giving you a truly economic way to give your family a toxin-free environment. 

Here are just a few ideas for stretching those dollars:

Make your household products last for months:

Young Living’s household products are so very concentrated. It’s possible to stretch one bottle of a number of products into double or triple the volume without compromising the integrity of the product. 

Thieves Household Cleaner

  • One bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner will make up to THIRTY 24oz spray bottles of cleaner. And, it does EVERYTHING! Young Living offers many ready-to-use products, but with just a few ingredients found in the average household you can DIY hand soaps, laundry detergent, glass cleaner, and even a great baking-soda paste that’ll clean the scum off of the filthiest bathtub. (Ask me how I know…….)

Laundry Soap

Dishwasher powder 

  • Split 50/50 into two containers and add equal parts baking soda OR washing soda to double the amount of product. (Thieves Mouthwash makes a fantastic finishing agent for shiny glassware!)

Thieves Dishwashing Liquid

  • Pour one-third of the purchased dishwashing liquid into a similar sized container (tip: save your empty bottles as you use them up!), and fill the rest of the way with hot water. Some like to add a tablespoon or so of baking soda to add some extra scrubbing power.

Personal Care Items


  • Triple your shampoo/conditioner: Pour one-third of the purchased shampoo or conditioner into a similar sized container (tip: save your empty bottles as you use them up!), and fill the rest of the way with hot water. Some like to add a tablespoon or so of baking soda to add some extra scrubbing power. 

Orange Blossom Face Wash

  • can be made into FOUR 8oz foaming containers of face wash!  Add two tablespoons in each container and fill with distilled water. Voila! Less than $40 for an entire year’s worth of face wash!


So many of Young Living’s products are versatile and have multiple uses. Some will make you raise your eyebrows and have you thinking “I would NEVER have thought of that!”

Try some of these other ideas!

  • Thieves toothpaste as under-arm deodorant
  • Thieves Cleaner concentrate + Digize essential oil blend – stain stick to-go!
  • Seedlings Diaper Cream – hydrating/moisturizing primer for your FACE! 
  • Mouthwash – glass/mirror cleaner! (Add a capful to your spray bottle of prepared Thieves Household Cleaner)
  • Conditioner – hair detangler for little ones, or as shaving cream or after-shave lotion
  • Lip balms can be used as eye shadow primer or to “dilute” your oils on the go. Simply apply the lip balm to the area before applying your oil, to create a barrier and slow absorption into the skin.
  • Sunscreen mixed with a dab of Savvy Minerals powder foundation  makes a great concealer

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