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If I haven’t introduced myself properly by now, please allow me to do so: I am a mom of four young kids, ages 7, 6, 4, and 2. Three sweet girls and one mischievous little boy with special needs thrown in the mix. Two go to private school, two stay home with mom. I cart one to therapy two days a week, three are in dance classes this fall, and basically I meet myself coming and going once the school year gets underway. (It’s ridiculous and fun all at the same time.) We’ve been oily since my oldest was an infant, and that’s the lifestyle they have all grown up with. YL plays a HUGE role in my parenting.

All that to say, I’ve got some considerable street cred in the Mom Department, and when it comes to choosing products that are appropriate for my kids, well, I don’t have a second thought about having them take Young Living supplements. Each of my kiddos is on their own supplement regimen. Some more than others, but they ALL intake at least two YL dietary supplements each and every day.

So anyway, with all of this on my resume, there are two questions that I answer often in private messages and personal conversations. No judgement here, because asking is how we learn the things. I asked my share of these same questions of my mentors as well.

1. Can my kids take Young Living supplements? 
2. Is it safe to give my toddler/child/teenager this or that product?

The short answer: YES. Especially any of the KidScents products that are specially formulated for little people.

But here’s the long answer, and the thought process that I frequently talk my sweet momma friends through when making supplementing decisions based on products that are typically marketed to adults.

{Disclaimer here: My. Kids. Are. Kids. And they eat like kids. And I do the best I can to feed them amazing and nourishing foods, but at the end of the day…they are kids. I’m no better than the next mama, so no Mom shaming going on here!)

Are your kids human? (Fair question – some folks refer to their furbabies as their kids!)
– Yes

Do their bodies need nutrition?
– Yes

Do they eat food? 
– Yes

Do they eat REAL food? As in, do they eat the amazing healthy diet you’d PREFER them to eat in a perfect world and never complain or refuse anything green on their plate? Or do they also eat their share of non-nutritive, argument-avoiding, busy-week-night processed kid food?
– Ummmm…Plead the 5th, amiright?! (#raisingmyhandtoo #totallyguilty)

Do they need MORE real food that is nutrient dense and good for them? 
– Always!

Think about it. If they already eat the occasional junk food, how is it going to harm your toddler if you open a Multigreens capsules into her smoothie?

If they are drinking soda, ever, then why are we worried about Ningxia Red – which is literally a puree made from whole berries – real food with no added sugar.

If their pediatrician has them drinking processed, store-bought formula shakes with their list of questionable ingredients in order to make up for nutrient deficiencies, why can’t a mom use Balance Complete instead?

See where I’m going with this? Young Living supplements are, literally, FOOD, because they are whole-food-based. We are always encouraging our kids to eat their veggies, right? Why? Because their bodies need those vitamins and minerals to grow properly. Our supplements do the same thing.

Young Living supplements are meant for people who need more nutrition in their day than what their diets provide. That’s all of us. Adults, kids, even you and me. Even if we eat the cleanest diet possible, there are still gaps and deficiencies in nutrients that we can and should fill in with dietary supplements for optimal function and wellness.

My theory is this: Kids are small humans. They are doing the hard work of growing and learning and developing each and every day. Their young bodies need nutrition just as much as our adult bodies do, ESPECIALLY at young ages, so that when they get to our age, they are already ahead of the game with good habits and not having to rethink so many bad habits or undo the damage caused by the bad habits.

My four year old has been on a long list of YL supplements since he was a year old. And a couple of them even before that. Currently, he uses Ningxia Red, Mindwise, Nitro, Sulfurzyme Powder, Sulfurzyme Capsules (I break apart and mix into food), Mineral Essence, and Nature’s Ultra CBD oil. And yes, I use the recommended adult servings, because his brain needs it that much. He literally would not even be the child he is today, had I not started him on all the things at such a young age. He was about 8 months old when we started Sulfurzyme, and probably 15-18months old when I started him on Ningxia Red and Mindwise!

Every single one of my kids begs me for Ningxia Red daily. They are literally “paid” for chores in Ningxia Red (they especially love Ningxia Red popsicles – just freeze the pouches or pour into popsicle molds!), and when my non-verbal little dude even sees the bottle come out of the fridge, he’s ALL over me until he gets some. (He will also confiscate a sister’s Ningxia pop in a hurry if they aren’t paying attention!) They all take Super C chewables that I split into quarters to give a more age-appropriate serving, and they love Alkalime.

My six-year-old takes an adult dose of MegaCal daily to supplement magnesium. My seven-year-old takes Allerzyme capsules (she is currently my only one who willingly swallows capsules – for the others, capsule contents are hidden in their Ningxia or food). For a while, my six-year-old was swallowing Life 9 probiotic capsules, until we had a gagging mishap one day and that pretty much ended our good run. Kids, eh?!

They all use the KidScents line of supplements: MightyPro (pre+probiotic), MightyZymes (digestive enzymes), and MightyVites (multivitamin).

The amounts I give of each are based on their individual needs. For my older two, I talk to them on their level about each supplement’s purpose and we discuss why our bodies need it. It’s a great teaching opportunity, and they are going to grow up knowing and understanding what their bodies need, or what they can use to accomplish wellness goals in the future. These are going to be some amazing leaders growing up in Young Living, already knowing what Multigreens are and why/how to use it! My oldest daughter told a friend the other day that he should take some Alkalime to help his tummy feel happy.

Don’t be afraid to nourish your littles, Mommas! You are your babies’ expert! You know them best, and you know what they need and what they will benefit from taking. Young Living supplements will give you a huge boost of confidence, knowing that you are giving them the very best.

Now, go give those babies some Ningxia Red! 😀

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