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Teacher Classroom Essentials – Young Living Style!

Don’t forget the most important school supplies! You’ve got a lifetime supply of pencils, supportive shoes for being on your feet all day, lesson plans, and a fabulously decorated room. But do you have your essential oils to help yourself and your kiddos stay in tip-top shape all year?

Desert Mist Diffuser – An absolutely essential tool to every classroom, so you can use your oils to help your whole class stay happy, healthy, and on task.

🌱Thieves Vitality – Because winter. And wellness. Are your students sharing ALL the things? 🤢 Take two drops in a capsule every morning for the ultimate immune system boost! (Diffuse Thieves essential oil blend to keep the sharing spirit to a minimum and to purify the classroom air! Also apply Thieves Essential Oil blend to soles of feet while getting ready for the day, or roll on any part of the spine you can reach.)

🌱Peppermint Vitality – Add a drop or two to a glass of water or coffee for a head-clearing wakeup call. (Diffuse Peppermint to help students stay alert after lunch or to freshen up that room after recess.)

🌱Digize Vitality – Cafeteria food not agreeing with you? Too much candy at the class party? Two drops of Digize Vitality in a capsule or a glass of water may encourage better digestion. (Or rub Digize essential oil blend over the abdomen)

🌱Citrus Fresh Vitality – Crush your water goals by adding two drops of Citrus Vitality to your stainless steel cup or glass, for a fresh flavor. (Citrus Fresh essential oil blend also makes a GREAT “stinky kid room spray!” Either diffuse several drops, or add 6-8 drops with 4oz of distilled water to a small spray bottle, and give the room a little freshen up.)

🌱Lemon Vitality – Also great in a glass of water, or diffuse Lemon essential oil to assist with memory recall during a test study period.

🌱Frankincense – Keep your class on task and thinking fast with a few drops of Frankincense in the diffuser.

🌱Raven – Diffuse Raven essential oil blend during the dry winter months to relax chests and promote normal breathing.

🌱Panaway – Teachers are on their feet all day! Rub on tired feet or lower back to keep your teaching game strong.

🌱Lavender – Springtime getting to your classroom babies? Add a few drops of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils to your diffuser to keep all the faces happy during that spring pollen dusting.

🌱Valor – Test day jitters, anyone? Not any more. Diffuse Valor for a boost of confidence all around during stressful situations.

🌱Peace & Calming – Teacher’s best friend during kindergarten nap time, and for keeping the peace during that last hour of the day, or heck – the entire last week before Christmas when the kids are hyper and ready for a BREAK.

🏖 Stress Away – Ready to go back to the beach?! Pop that roller ball top on the bottle and roll on your neck and shoulders for a relaxing aroma and to make that long day feel a little more manageable.

💻 Thieves Household Cleaner – Clean ALL THE THINGS without the harsh chemicals. Glue stuck to the table? Got it. Kid sneezed on your desk? No problem.

🌸 Thieves Spray – Keep this pocket-sized defense at the ready to spray doorknobs, drawer pulls, computer headphones, and anything that’s been touched or sneezed upon.

🚿 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier – Use for a quick and efficient clean when soap and water aren’t close at hand.
(Check out the full line of Thieves products at

🍷 Ningxia Red – Sustain energy, overall wellness, and support your whole body with a solid nutritional foundation for those long days in the classroom. (

💥 Ningxia Nitro – Add a box of Nitros to your order to give your brain a cognitive fitness boost and rise above that afternoon slump! Energy and focus, without the jitters or any artificial sweeteners. (

Essential Oil Roller Balls – pop an AromaGlide fitment onto any essential oil bottle for a quick and easy application.

Need a few more ideas beyond the starter kit? Here you go!

Love DIY blends? Try these great recipes! (Hint: You can order empty EO roll-on bottles on Amazon and concoct your own favorite recipes!)
🏃‍♀️ Motivation blend – {Frankincense, Black Pepper, Lime, and Orange essential oils} Roll on your wrists to boost yourself out of that funky mood, and tackle your to-do list!
💭 Focus Blend – stay on task and at attention with a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Vetiver.

🛀 Bath bombs – Melt the day’s troubles away with a Stress Away or Lavender bath bomb. Not exactly a classroom supply item, but a very necessary part of a busy teacher’s relaxing Friday night!

TEACHERS!! You can grab your very own Classroom Essentials kit with all the perks right here!

And what teacher doesn’t love a discount?! Your Premium Starter Kit includes a lifetime Young Living membership with a 24% wholesale discount and TONS of freebies and membership perks. Read all about it in this post!

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