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“Pumpkin Spice” Cold Brew Coffee

Who needs a coffee shop to get your Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew fix when you can make it yourself without all the sugar? Oily barista over here got it goin’ ON!!! Vitality oils and a tiny bit of stevia for the win for a slightly sweet “pumpkin spice” cold brew. 

featured image
Bonus feature! Unedited, messy kitchen photo! 🙂

This recipe is very much customizable to your taste, but here’s about what I did:

Add the following to your glass or stainless steel jar (never plastic if you are using essential oils)

  • 🎃 4 drops of spiced oil blend (see below)
  • ☕️ tiny amount of stevia
  • ☕️ 2 cups Stōk brand black, unsweetened iced coffee (or use your preferred cold brew coffee)
  • ☕️ 1 shot of espresso (optional, but since I have a machine, why not?!)
  • ☕️ 1 Tbsp heavy whipping cream (or milk/non dairy of choice)
  • Add ice at this point and put it in the fridge  to cool the espresso
    🍁 sprinkle ground cinnamon and nutmeg on top of ice or foam to taste 

🥛 FOAM: (also OPTIONAL for anyone who uses a home espresso machine!) use milk frothing wand to steam a tiny bit of heavy whipping cream. (milk of choice really, but HWC creates a dense, stiff foam and is easy for beginners)

TIP: use a low steam wand setting, and keep your wand just barely below the surface of the milk, slowly pulling upwards. Steam it just long enough to create foam but without heating the milk too much. Scoop the top of the foam out with a spoon and lay it over the ice in your glass.

Vitality Oil “Pumpkin Spice” flavoring

  • Make a blend of these YL Vitality oils in an empty bottle: (mine was a cinnamon bark bottle and still had some aroma in it. Don’t go using a eucalyptus bottle or anything or it’ll taste funky! 🤣) 
  • 🍁 15 drops each: Nutmeg, Cinnamon Bark, and Clove Vitality Oils 
  • 🍁 5 drops each: Ginger and Orange Vitality Oils 
  • Cap your bottle and swirl to mix it up a bit. Put 2-4 drops in your cup before adding coffee. If you are using espresso, you’ll want 4ish drops for that flavor to come through.

Enjoy! I am so excited about my new favorite iced treat for all this South Arkansas style fake fall: (read: we still HOT down here!!)

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