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I just finished telling you all of the reasons why Ningxia Nitro is absolutely a critical component in my mental health, self-care toolbox!  If you missed PART 1, go back and catch it! {Part 1: Ningxia Nitro – Gettin it done!}

Now it’s time to unpack the rest of my personal, self-care, mental-health checklist that helps me to turn my day around. 

First it helps to identify the triggers that make you feel that anxiousness.
Next, you identify what your body and your mind need, physically and emotionally.

Then, you take steps to self-care and meet those needs.

It’s worth adding an insert here that there is NO SHAME in asking your doctor (I did, at one point!) or a therapist to help you to manage your mental health. Everybody needs a good, reliable secret-keeper to talk to!  My recommendations here are simply what I have learned to do for myself, because I realized that my anxiety and stress levels were directly linked to my endocrine system and nutrition. 

It’s also worth noting that things significantly changed about the way I felt once I really took control of what was in my environment and being absorbed into my body in one way or another. My home is entirely free of candles, harsh cleaners, and any synthetic or toxic anything. Prior to that, I was absolutely a mess of emotions and wild, racing thoughts.

Do I still battle those? Yes.
To the same extreme? Not even close.
Why? Because I am not allowing my hormone levels to be altered with endocine disruptors.
I am now able to handle it on my own terms by identifying what my body needs and providing it with the necessary support.

Without further ado, here’s an elaborated version of the bullet point checklist that I keep on my phone so that I can check in with myself on a tough day and assess my self-care needs.

When I feel anxious it’s usually because:

  • I feel tired – either physically or “brain fog” (most of the time for me it is a mental tired – I find that I do actually have the energy to do things). {this is actually a symptom of adrenal fatigue – which is linked to B-vitamin deficiency}
  • I can’t decide what to do
  • I can’t prioritize well
  • I feel like I am not doing enough to be productive, and therefore I feel down on myself and start saying things like “I can’t get anything done” and the dominoes keep falling
  • I feel overwhelmed by several big matters all at once
  • I am lacking connection with others and thus feeling unimportant and unlikeable.

My body does this because:

  • I need minerals and B vitamins
  • I need food and hydration
  • My personality needs personal connection with good friends to stay happy!

Measures I take to manage how I’m feeling:

  • NOURISH! That means EAT! – Skipping breakfast in favor of coffee is not recommended!!! So I either fix myself a couple of eggs, or make sure that my morning coffee is a bulletproof coffee full of good fats and minerals to get my brain firing. If I just drink plain ole coffee on the way to take kids to school, I MUST make sure to come home and eat. Good, healthy food choices so that I’m both nourishing my body AND giving myself an opportunity to feel proud of myself! (We won’t talk about my dark chocolate stash!)

    I also make sure I’ve taken my vitamins and supplements for the day – particularly my Core 3: Ningxia Red, Multigreens, and Super B complex. (all from Young Living, of course!)
  • REST! I should sleep more and go to bed earlier, because rest is critical to this process and my sweet friend kindly reminds me on the regular that my late hours are not conducive to happy adrenals.
  • GET IN THE WORD AND SPEAK TRUTH – I go to Scripture!! This is not low on the priority list by any means and is in fact the MOST important step. But sometimes I need to work my brain around to acknowledging that I DO know the truth and where to find it. So I spend time in the washing my mind in the water of the Word. And I repeat truth: I have the mind of Christ! In Him there is no condemnation! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!  My HOPE comes from HIM! I turn my praise and worship music on and I SING those truths!!! Singing and worshipping helps me to purge emotions and sometimes I just need a good cry.

    Along with this, I CHANGE MY WORDS!! And I knoooow it’s easier said than done because once we have told continually spoken over ourselves that we are good for nothing and the whole day is just a waste…well, what do we expect ourselves to think? We have to change our words and change our mindset, because you know what? Death and life are in the power of the tone, and those who love it will eat its fruit. (Prov. 18:21). We HAVE to change what we are saying over ourselves, and yes, that is the HARDEST part, but we have such an opportunity to bless ourSELVES with what we speak over our own lives 
  • OIL UP, BUTTERCUP! – I use my oils!  I love Amoressence and Davana currently. I make sure I’ve used my Progessence Plus and my Endoflex for the day. I load up my diffusers with happiness: Peace & Calming, Citrus Fresh, Orange, Frankincense…
  • CONNECT –  reach out to people! Send out a few messages or texts to people in your circle. Doesn’t have to be an SOS message if they wouldn’t be comfortable with that, but just start a light conversation that is sure to make you both smile.
one of my favorite pick-me-up blends!

By doing all of these things, I raise my frequency! (That’s a fancy scientific way of saying, I get those positive vibes going!) 

Taming the Stress Monster is for sure an experience in personal development and learning how to assess and respond to your body’s needs. We are complex beings – with complex lives and stresses. But when the appropriate measures are taken (including seeing your therapist or doctor, if you need to!), we CAN help ourselves to turn a hard day into a great day, one day at a time.

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