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I just finished telling you all of the reasons why Ningxia Nitro is absolutely a critical component in my mental health, self-care toolbox!  If you missed PART 1, go back and catch it! {Part 1: Ningxia Nitro - Gettin it done!} Now it's time to unpack the rest of my personal, self-care, mental-health checklist that… Continue reading PART 2: TAMING THE STRESS MONSTER

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“Pumpkin Spice” Cold Brew Coffee

Who needs a coffee shop to get your Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew fix when you can make it yourself without all the sugar? Oily barista over here got it goin' ON!!! Vitality oils and a tiny bit of stevia for the win for a slightly sweet "pumpkin spice" cold brew.  Bonus feature! Unedited, messy kitchen… Continue reading “Pumpkin Spice” Cold Brew Coffee


Slowing Down Summer: Helping Kids Learn to Enjoy Being Home

Who loves summer?! MEEEEE!!!!  Who loves having their kids home for the summer?! MEEEEE!!!! Who loves being the summer activity cruise director and constantly being pestered to supply non-stop entertainment all summer?!! {*whomp whomp*} Guilty admission: NOT ME!!  There’s good reason why their teachers are able to survive an entire school year with a neighborhood’s… Continue reading Slowing Down Summer: Helping Kids Learn to Enjoy Being Home