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Classroom Survival Kit for Teachers

Teacher Classroom Essentials - Young Living Style! 🍷 Ningxia Red - Sustain energy, overall wellness, and support your whole body with a solid nutritional foundation for those long days in the classroom. ( 💥 Ningxia Nitro - Give your brain a cognitive fitness boost and rise above that afternoon slump! Energy and focus, without the… Continue reading Classroom Survival Kit for Teachers

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Trace’s Journey with Ningxia Red and Mindwise

What a blessing it is to discover that there IS something you can do to help your child thrive. It took all of two weeks, even after receiving Trace’s diagnosis at two years old, to realize that I was the expert in the room at our meeting to discuss his genetic testing results. His geneticist… Continue reading Trace’s Journey with Ningxia Red and Mindwise