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Ningxia Nitro – Gettin’ it Done! (part 1)

This is the story of today. About how I was able manage raging thoughts, anxious feelings, and complete lack of motivation - and turn the day around to get things done I woke up this morning feeling blah. First off, I forgot to take my Thyroid supplement last night, AND I went to bed late,… Continue reading Ningxia Nitro – Gettin’ it Done! (part 1)

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“Pumpkin Spice” Cold Brew Coffee

Who needs a coffee shop to get your Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew fix when you can make it yourself without all the sugar? Oily barista over here got it goin' ON!!! Vitality oils and a tiny bit of stevia for the win for a slightly sweet "pumpkin spice" cold brew.  Bonus feature! Unedited, messy kitchen… Continue reading “Pumpkin Spice” Cold Brew Coffee

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Teacher Classroom Essentials – Young Living Style!

Don’t forget the most important school supplies! You’ve got a lifetime supply of pencils, supportive shoes for being on your feet all day, lesson plans, and a fabulously decorated room. But do you have your essential oils to help yourself and your kiddos stay in tip-top shape all year? Desert Mist Diffuser - An absolutely… Continue reading Teacher Classroom Essentials – Young Living Style!