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CLEAN SLATE: Why Your Body Needs You to Ditch the Toxins

Do you know what endocrine disruptors do? They change your hormone levels, cause endometriosis, infertility, birth defects thyroid problems, anxiety and depression, migraines, cancers, and a whole laundry list of complaints that are unfortunately common place nowadays. Did you know that most of you are handling endocrine disruptors all day every day? In your cleaning… Continue reading CLEAN SLATE: Why Your Body Needs You to Ditch the Toxins

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Teacher Classroom Essentials – Young Living Style!

Don’t forget the most important school supplies! You’ve got a lifetime supply of pencils, supportive shoes for being on your feet all day, lesson plans, and a fabulously decorated room. But do you have your essential oils to help yourself and your kiddos stay in tip-top shape all year? Desert Mist Diffuser - An absolutely… Continue reading Teacher Classroom Essentials – Young Living Style!

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OILY ECONOMICS (pt. 2): Start-up Economy

Why a Premium Starter Kit? Young Living has put together four fantastic Premium Starter Kits that help new users to accomplish their immediate wellness goals. These kits are bundled so that you get a variety of products to meet your needs at a steeply discounted price. New members can choose from the Essential Oils Premium… Continue reading OILY ECONOMICS (pt. 2): Start-up Economy

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Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit

Young Living has a starter kit to fit any situation and to put you on the fast track to meeting your immediate goal. It’s a place to start by bundling some of the most popular products lines for an incredible price.   For those with a goal to revolutionize and optimize their wellness with an antioxidant… Continue reading Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit