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I just finished telling you all of the reasons why Ningxia Nitro is absolutely a critical component in my mental health, self-care toolbox!  If you missed PART 1, go back and catch it! {Part 1: Ningxia Nitro - Gettin it done!} Now it's time to unpack the rest of my personal, self-care, mental-health checklist that… Continue reading PART 2: TAMING THE STRESS MONSTER

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Ningxia Nitro – Gettin’ it Done! (part 1)

This is the story of today. About how I was able manage raging thoughts, anxious feelings, and complete lack of motivation - and turn the day around to get things done I woke up this morning feeling blah. First off, I forgot to take my Thyroid supplement last night, AND I went to bed late,… Continue reading Ningxia Nitro – Gettin’ it Done! (part 1)

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Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit

Young Living has a starter kit to fit any situation and to put you on the fast track to meeting your immediate goal. It’s a place to start by bundling some of the most popular products lines for an incredible price.   For those with a goal to revolutionize and optimize their wellness with an antioxidant… Continue reading Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit